AQUAMAN on Track to Make a Splash at the Box Office

Warner Bros. returns to the DC Universe with next month’s Aquaman, which is already generating a lot of positive buzz from critics. All eyes have been on this movie, as it is competing with several films in the holiday season and aims to set the DC franchise back on track. Now, initial tracking for its box office opening is in.

Right now, Aquaman is on track to open north of $65 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, The Wrap is more optimistic, projecting somewhere in the $70-80 million range. By the end of Christmas Day, it could crack $100 million. It is releasing the same week as Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee, but right now, it is expected to lead the pack.

While these numbers are lower than every other DCU movie – even lower than Justice League‘s $93.8 million debut last year – Aquaman has the benefit of of releasing around Christmas time, which should give it strong legs for several weeks. Also, its reported production budget is $160 million, which is DC Films’ lowest next to Wonder Woman ($149 million).

As always, this tracking will likely go up or down as we draw closer to Aquaman‘s release. With the exception of Justice League, every DC Films title has exceeded initial tracking for its opening weekend. Assuming that the positive word-of-mouth builds up, Aquaman should have no problem surpassing expectations.

Stay tuned for more box office updates as we have them

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