JUSTICE LEAGUE’s J.K. Simmons Confirms No Plans to Play Commissioner Gordon Again Anytime Soon

Back when J.K. Simmons was cast as Commissioner James Gordon for Justice League, the Oscar winner confirmed plans to play the character in multiple films, including The Batman. But a lot has changed since then. Justice League flopped, Matt Reeves’ Batman movie looks to be a soft reboot, and the DC Films universe is moving further and further away from the template that Zack Snyder established. So, is Simmons going to return as Gordon?
The actor offered an update during an interview with Collider. There, he confirms that there are currently no plans for him to play Gordon in the near future, but he remains optimistic. “Nothing has changed. There are conversations going on, that I’m not going to make public. As far as I know, there’s no opportunity, in the immediate future, for me to do more Commissioner Gordon, but I continue to be optimistic that it will happen again.”

Before Matt Reeves came aboard, Simmons’ Gordon was expected to play a role in Ben Affleck’s The Batman. Obviously, things have changed. Reeves could still put Gordon in his movie, but it is rumored to be recasting Affleck with a younger actor, as the film is said to explore Batman’s earlier days. So, they could just as easily recast Gordon and Alfred with younger actors too if they wanted.
Personally, I hope they bring Simmons back to the role. He is really perfect casting, and Justice League barely did anything with him. Why not use him to his potential?
Stay tuned for more news as we have it. For the full interview with Collider, be sure to check out the source link below.
Source: Collider

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