AQUAMAN and DETECTIVE PIKACHU Sequels Are In Development

Warner Bros. is coming off of a successful 2018 that ended with one of the studio’s biggest hits yet, DC’s Aquaman. The studio is bound to have another eventful year in 2019. Among the films slated are Detective Pikachu, Legendary’s live action Pokemon movie that has generated much buzz. Now, it looks like sequels to both movies are in development.

According to Deadline, WB has begun development on a sequel to Aquaman. The studio hopes to bring back director James Wan, who will only return depending on the script’s quality. Right now, the plan looks to be for Wan to oversee development and choosing writers, and when the script comes in, he’ll decide whether to direct. But considering Wan’s investment in this world, it’ll be hard to imagine another movie without him.

Aquaman has been a massive box office success, becoming DC Films’ first title to gross over a billion. This weekend, it will pass The Dark Knight Rises as the biggest movie ever based on a DC character. So, you can see why the studio wants to get a sequel out, and soon.

Elsewhere, Legendary is already looking to expand the world of Pokemon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to Detective Pikachu is in development. Screenwriter Oren Uziel is working on the script. The first film is out this summer, and its trailer generated a lot of hype online. Uziel’s credits include Men in Black: International, 22 Jump Street, and WB’s planned Supergirl movie.

This news comes as rumors of Pokemon‘s franchise future hit the web. Supposedly, Legendary is developing a film that adapts the Pokemon Red/Blue video games. Another spinoff is in the works, but to say anything more about that would be considered a Detective Pikachu spoiler. So, for decency’s sake, we won’t give anything away.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10th. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

Sources: Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter

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