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Acolyte is the Villain of DC’s TITANS

DC fans have been hungry for live-action Titans news, and That Hashtag Show continues to deliver.

In an exclusive from That Hashtag Show, they revealed a casting call snippet showing that the new show’s Big Bad™ will be Acolyte.

The Acolyte – Male. African-American 40-50. Confident.  The villain of our story. He is after Rachel and her powers, trying to kidnap her after he murders her mother.

Judging by the snippet, all signs point to his arc being heavily intertwined with Raven’s. In the comics, Acolyte is something of a small time villain; a normal human posing as a powerful being. With these developments, it’s likely DC is updating his character and taking him in a direction modern audiences can engage with.

Titans premieres in 2018.

Source: That Hashtag Show 

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