OPINION: 3 Reasons Why Doomsday Clock Is One Of DC Comics’ Greats After Only 6 Issues

So far, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, have delivered something once thought impossible: Something close in greatness to the original Watchmen comic in Doomsday Clock (and we’re only halfway done). I won’t insult the massive amount of people whom believe that Watchmen walks on water, but at the same time, the duo which given us such classics in Action Comics, Batman: Earth One, and more, are delivering something that is wholly unique, and combining two universes which have no right to be together. You know, like, me and Scotch on a lonely Friday night.

Here Are Three Reasons That Doomsday Clock Might Be One Of The Greatest Comics Ever At DC (Minor Spoilers Ahead For 1-6)

1) Johns Have Created Two Of The Most Interesting Characters In The Last Couple Of Decades

What is so impressive that within six issues, Mime and Marionette, have become iconic characters for DC Comics. These characters are absolutely insane, but at the same time, the way Johns have written them, it’s hard not to feel a bit empathetic for two characters just trying to find their kid. And killing a ton of people along the way. Also, they have an intrigue factor which really helped them standout from the start: What makes them so important in Ozy’s grand scheme, and why did Dr. Manhattan hesitate?
Also, how they became iconic: In the third issue, they just walked into The Joker’s bar, and ask where could they find him. Everyone started to laugh. So they slaughtered everyone. We know they’re from a different universe, and have no clue who The Joker is, but that’s just an amazing way to introduce two characters to the DC Universe. The Joker’s gang was also insanely mad since they were wearing make-up like the Clown Prince of Crime, and the more absurd, the better with The Joker!

2) The Intricate Plotting

As of now, a lot of people are wondering is this in fact part of DC canon, and honestly, it’s tough to tell. There’s a lot evidence which supports that it is happening in the main world, but, they could just easily say it’s an Elseworlds story; so that it’ll give creators more freedom in the future to write what they want to write instead of being hindered by a book that’s over a year old. It’s a tough predicament, but Johns’ plotting in the book deserves applause from around the world! And yes, the whole talk when the supervillains are in contact in No.6 links this book to Heroes In Crisis. And yet, it’s easy to retconned certain aspects if this book just becomes too much to handle.
He brought back the Comedian, the Watchmen are in the DC Universe, the Justice League has no clue what’s going, plus, he has Johnny Thunder, a member of the Justice Society of America is in this comic as well looking for a Lantern. And that’s just getting started. He also created a new Rorschach, which is almost as incredible as the first one. He ate Batman pancakes. Just let that sink in. He ate Batman’s breakfast as he strolled through Wayne Manor. 
Oh, and created two of the best villains we’ve seen in a long time, with a plot that’s extremely difficult to figure out exactly where it’s headed next. He’s managed to do all this while keeping things immensely interesting, and making people count the days until we get the next chapter so we can find out the next twist. And it has everything to do with how well Geoff Johns plotted this book.

3) The Artwork Really Enhances The Message

Basically, I added the artwork because how truly remarkable it is, and how it may be one of the best looking books of all time. Gary Frank is one of the best artists in the game, and in this comic, delivers something truly memorable This guy is pulling a Kendrick Lamar on “Control”. And it really does add to the message; but what exactly is it?

“But what have you tried to make this world a better place?” This was the question that Ozy asked Batman when fell from a distance from Ozy’s airplane. But what is the message of Doomsday Clock? Is that it? That the DC Comics’ heroes should be doing more, or is it a bit more complicated than that. I’ll admit, I have not read this book as many times as I should, and this question perplexes me to that point of, well, being very angry with myself.

Johns is doing a ton of things, with interconnecting plots that are flat-out brilliant. One could assume quite a bit about what the message of this books truly is, but in doing so, could mean missing out on something else that would be a detriment to John’s story. So, for the sake of answering of the question, and also, having the question be so interesting to start with, one believes it’s about doing what you can to the best of your abilities. Be that saving that world, or just trying to find a good dentist, but making sure you’re the one pulling your own strings.

Just wait: Doomsday Clock will become one of the greatest animated movies ever by DC Comics. If you doubt that DC won’t cash in on this story, then I’d love to hear the reason why! Snyder’s Watchmen did well in theaters, and this comic book includes Batman, The Joker, Superman and who knows who else yet? This story is mesmerizing to the point which can easily become obsessed by everything going on, or hypnotized by Frank’s artwork. After 6 issues, the reasons why this has become one of DC’s greats are quite simple: There’s nothing else like it ever; except the original story….Maybe?

What Do You Think Of Doomsday Clock So Far?

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