Five Members Who Should Join James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD

James Gunn writing the Suicide Squad Sequel has us reeling with possibilities of potential players. We pushed out villains we want to see as part of the squad, but let’s take a look at some members for our villains to bounce off of, and some characters operating in morally grey seeking to serve their debt, or not be exposed by Waller.

Black Orchid (Suicide Squad #4 August 1987) 

Yes, the current Black Orchid, Alba Garcia, is a member of Justice League: Dark, and there’s a chance they might want to use the current incarnation. However, the original Black Orchid, Susan Linden-Thorne, mysterious investigator and master of disguise, worked with Suicide Squad as a very minor character. Neil Gaiman wrote an excellent miniseries, Black Orchid, which expanded the character. Notably, DC intended to bring her back to the squad as comic relief, but they wisely listened to Neil and swapped her out with Poison Ivy.

We do think Poison Ivy is an excellent addition to the team, but we can imagine Warner Bros holding the vine-clad vixen for other titles or her own movie. Black Orchid would add another level of intrigue and while less bombastic, still is a fantastic, lesser known character to be utilized.

Psi (Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1 March 1988)

Coming out of the pages of Supergirl, Psi, Gayle Marsh, possesses psychokinesis, telepathy, flight and energy absorption, and projection. Manipulated by the Researcher who took her in and helped her master her powers, she convinced herself that Supergirl was an ally of the “decay”, and fought her to a standstill, with only Psi’s reluctance to kill saving the hero.

Psi joined the suicide squad and died after succumbing to wounds suffered fighting off the Rocket Reds, We’re certain that in the right hands she could prove a powerful figure, seeking atonement alongside the monstrous villains we know and love.

Nemesis (Suicide Squad #1 May 1987)

Martial artist, master of disguise, secret agent, Tom Tresser brought down the criminal syndicated responsible for the death of his brother with the help of Batman. Believed dead, the US Government paid his hospital bills and offered him a position with Task Force X.

We know the premise to Suicide Squad fairly well, but Nemesis gives a Suicide Squad member we can easily relate to. He’s not a monster who wants his sentence reduced; he literally has to work to earn his freedom. How working with the Squad shapes him is an excellent thing to explore, and we’d look forward to watching that story.

Wildcat (Suicide Squad vol. 2 #12)

World Champion Boxer Ted Grant is known for being a member of the JSA and their teaming up with Suicide Squad was more due to Waller’s string pulling than anything he had done. Still, he got billing alongside Killer Frost and Deadshot, so we’re rolling with it.

We envision Ted being more of the mentor role within the squad, he’s certainly got the chops for it after training Black Canary, Batman and Superman at one point or another in comics. How he joins the squad is a matter of good writing, but his original Sensation Comics #1 origin has him take up the mantle of Wildcat to clear his name after being framed for the murder of his mentor. Amanda Waller would certainly take a note of any red in his ledger, real or framed.

Nightshade (Suicide Squad #1 May 1987)

Coming from the Charlton Comics line, Eve Eden was the daughter of Senator Warren Eden and Queen Maureen of the Land of the Nightshades. Possessing several shadow based abilities, including shadow teleportation and phasing, she had a superhero career under the name, Nightshade. Amanda Waller recruited her, and she joined on one condition; she could use the team for a personal mission, rescuing her brother. Small spoilers, in comics, he winds up possessed by the evil spirit Incubus, brother to the spirit Succubus, also known as Enchantress.

Nightshade, like Nemesis above, has a different reason to work with the squad than everyone else. Amanda can play her like a fiddle because she knows what Nightshade wants, and we look forward to how wonderful Viola Davis can do that. Also, Amanda’s personal mission? That is a ripe plot point harking back to the previous movie.

Well, are we right? Should our pals James, Yacko, Wacko, and Dot use any of these characters in Suicide Squad 2? Let us know below!

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