James Gunn Shifting to DC, Will Write (and Possibly Direct) SUICIDE SQUAD 2

Taking all controversy aside for a second, this is something that I find highly ironic, even though there is nothing weird about a director and writer going from one ship to the next (normally).

According to reports, James Gunn, the writer and director of Marvel’s two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, is now set to write DC’s Suicide Squad 2, with an eye to direct. Which is quite ironic considering Warner Bros. wanted the original Suicide Squad to be its answer to Guardians of the Galaxy.

On what’s happened to Gavin O’Connor, the previous director? Well, it looks like it was creative differences that made him fall back, according to Justin Kroll from Variety.

The information does not stop there, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that it might not be a sequel but a “new take” on the franchise. Like you, we are scratching our heads about that here in WOBAM about that. Maybe Suicide Squad is becoming an anthology series? Time will tell.

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Source: The Wrap
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